Participants who have registered and paid, you may opt for either options below: –

Option 1: 85% refund of your registration fee. Refunds will be made in stages. For refund, please fill in this FORM by 28th June 2020 <CLOSED>. There will be no race pack given.

Option 2: Carry forward your slot to next year’s Obut Trail 2021 (date to be announced and also depending on the situation whether organizing an event is possible.


The OBUT Trail enters its 2nd edition in 2020 with a growing reputation as one of Kuching’s friendliest trail events. Starting off from Borneo Tribal Village which is nestled on the fringe of Kampung Apar Singai. The jungle resort is only 40 mins drive from Kuching.

The event is unique in the area overlooking the magnificent Mount Singai, offering participants a variety of local trail landscapes from bamboo forest, rainforest to the clear waters of River Adis Buan where you can see the pebbles as you cross it.

A longer distance category of 30km is available to those who have joined the 1st edition and would like to challenge themselves whereas the 5km and 15km categories are suitable for those who would like to have fun with friends and family in the gorgeous rainforest.

Fight To The End

Event Categories


Event Details

Date: 28 June 2020 (Sunday)
Venue: Borneo Tribal Village, Bau (Kuching, Sarawak)

Race Pack Collection

Race Pack Collection

Date: 21st June 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 11.00AM to 5.00PM
Venue: to be updated

Late Race Pack Collection For Outstation Participants

Date: 28 June 2020 (Sunday)
Time: Up to 30 mins before each category’s flag-off time

Venue: Borneo Tribal Village (Race Site)
(Please note that it is your duty to ensure that you collect your race pack in time for check-in and flag-off)

Items to Bring For Race Pack Collection

  1. Proof Of Registration (Softcopy or Printed)

You may ask a representative to collect on your behalf but he/she must bring along item No.1 and No.2 above. 

Special Note*

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO race pack collection allowed after the race pack collection periods. If you are unable to collect the race pack in person, you may send a representative (refer to above).


Official Accommodation:

Borneo Tribal Village

Borneo Tribal Village is the official accommodation and event venue. All categories will start and finish here. Special room rates will be given to participants. Various types of rooms are available to choose from to suit your budget.

Special Rates available for Obut 2020 participants. You can find out more info here:


Pinggir Siak

Mandatory Items
  1. The following mandatory equipment – according to each category – MUST be carried at all times during the run.
  2. Mandatory gear check will be conducted during check-in prior to flag-off. There may also be random checks during the race and at the finish line.
  3. Any participants found without any of the mandatory equipment will be disqualified or receive a time penalty depending on the severity of the omission. The organizer’s decision will be final.

* No cups will be provided during the event.
**Basic first aid items to treat minor wounds (e.g. alcohol swab, plasters, self adhesive bandage)

Recommended Items:

  1. Trail shoes (highly recommended)
  2. Insect Repellent
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Cap/Visor/Buff/Hat
  5. Long-sleeved shirt


Event Tee & Size

Insurance Coverage

All runners are covered by Personal Accident Insurance from Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad

Class of Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance
Period of Insurance: 28th June 2020


Accidental Death/ Permament Disability: RM10,000.00
Medical Expenses: RM500.00

Getting There

Borneo Tribal Village (“BTV”) is situated about 40 minutes’ drive from Kuching City.

Google map:

There is no direct bus service to BTV. It is recommended that you drive or take a taxi there. There may be limited Grabcar service available but do check in advance.

Rules & Regulations


  • Registration must be done online here. Please ensure that you provide the correct email address so that the confirmation slip can be emailed to you.
  • The confirmation slip (softcopy or hardcopy) must be presented during race pack collection.
  • The 15KM and 30KM categories are open to participants that are 18 years of age (as at 2020) and above. For the 5KM category, children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult participant.

Bib transfer / Change of category

  • Bib transfer is allowed before 1st May 2020 only. There will be an administration fee of RM30.00 for each transfer. Please email us at with the Subject header “BIB TRANSFER/NAME” and include your registration confirmation slip and transfer details.
  • You may upgrade or downgrade your category before 1st May 2020 but is subject to availability of slots.
  • For upgrade, you are required to pay the category price difference and a RM30.00 administration fee. Please email us at with the Subject header “CATEGORY UPGRADE/NAME” and include your registration confirmation slip and the category you wish to upgrade to.
  • For downgrade, you are required to pay a RM30.00 administration fee, however the difference in the category price will not be refunded. Please email us at with the Subject header “CATEGORY DOWNGRADE/NAME” and include your registration confirmation slip and the category you wish to downgrade to.
  • No request for bib transfer / category change will be entertained after 1st May 2020.

Pacer / Personal assistance / Support crew

  • You must complete the run on foot by your own ability and within the respective COT.
  • Pacers are not allowed.
  • Personal assistance/support crew is not allowed along the race course. They are only permitted at the WS/CP.

Mandatory items / Bib

  • The mandatory items must be carried at all times during the run.
  • You will not be allowed to start the race without your bib on event day. Please wear your bib in front where it is visible.
  • Tampering with the race bib in any way (e.g. changing the name of the runner/obscuring/removing sponsor’s identification) will result in your disqualification.
  • You may only run with your own bib. If you wish to transfer your bib, you must notify the Organizer (refer to “Bib transfer”).
  • You are not allowed to run with multiple bibs to claim finisher items on behalf of others.


  • You must understand the unique nature and requirements of participating in a trail run of this nature and be able to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the run.
  • If you meet another runner who is in health difficulty or injured, please stop to help and inform the race organizer to seek for medical assistance.
  • Runners suffering the following medical conditions ARE NOT ALLOWED to participate in this event:
    • Congenital / rheumatic / myocarditis and other heart conditions
    • Coronary heart disease, coronary arterial disease
    • Serious arrhythmia
    • Any other medical conditions that can be fatally aggravated by running
  • If the marshal deems it unsafe for you to continue with the run (e.g. injury, medical condition, thunderstorm), you will be asked to stop. Please be sensible about your own well-being.
  • You must obey the instructions given by the marshals and withdraw from the race if you miss any cut-off time at the CP.
  • You must obey the event’s information signs and markers along the race course.

Respect the trail

  • Littering is prohibited. Please dispose all litter at the nearest CP or in your ziplock bag.
  • Sections of the race course passes through village farms / plantations. Please stay on the race course and avoid trampling on the crops. Please do not take the crops or fruits (no matter how tempting that durian might look).

Participants will be disqualified / incur a time penalty for:-

  • Running without a valid bib / timing chip
  • Running with another person’s bib / timing chip
  • Not carrying the mandatory equipment during the run
  • Route cutting (taking short cut)
  • Cheating (e.g. using prohibited drugs, using transportation, using substitute runner(s), etc.)
  • Failing to abide by the instructions / rules / regulations of the Organizer / marshal / medic
  • Using pacer(s) / personal support crew
  • Unsportsman-like behaviour (e.g. pushing other runners, refusing to follow marshal’s instruction, threatening marshal/other runners, etc.)


  • If you wish to discontinue/withdraw from the run, please inform the marshal at the closest CP and/or call the Organiser to inform that you are withdrawing from the run.
  • Upon the DNF, the marshal will mark/cut your bib.

Changes to the route / COT / Cancellation of the event

  • The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the route / CP / COT at any time and without any prior notice.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions, the flag-off time(s) may be postponed for 2 hours at most, after which time the event may be cancelled

Image rights

  • Each participant expressly foregoes his/her image rights for the photos/videos taken during the event.
  • By participating in the event, the participant agrees to allow their name, results, photos or videos to be used for any legitimate purpose by the Organiser without payment or compensation.

Start / Finish Line

  • There are toilets and simple shower facilities located at the Start/Finish line.


  • There will be medics stationed at the finish line.

Food & Beverages:

  • Food and beverages are available for participants at the finish line.

The organizer reserves the right to implement rules that are deemed necessary.

2019 Event

The first edition of Obut Trail started with only 2 categories which is 3KM and 8KM.
It was a small event intended to introduce trail running to the local community and also to promote tourism in Bau.

Number of Participants: 380
Nationalities: Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippine, Belgium